Sunday, January 6, 2013

Patient Testimony regarding her care:

Since the birth of my 1st child, in 2007, I have been getting monthly migraines (every time lasting 3 days) related to my hormones. Once I couldn't handle it anymore, I went to several doctors, (the male doctors didn't believe they were migraines although my mom suffered with them every month also at the same time) the 1st female doctor I went to understood and prescribed me the typical migraine pills. I tried several different ones, and thought I had found one that worked. Well, the migraines were so bad, I felt like I was having to take too many pills, so I went back to the doctor (same office as before, but different doctore) and told the nurse that my migraines were worse, and instead of getting one a month, I was now getting two. I asked for a MRI of my head, and if they came back normal, I was going to try acupuncture.

 The doctor came into the room, told me she wasn't going to order an MRI, that I was fine and gave me a prescription to get some pills I would take every day to prevent the migraines and then when I got the migraine, I would have to then take the migraine pill. I don't like taking pills, especially when it is to prevent something that I don't get every day, and more than likely choke full of other side effects.

 So I took my prescription, left the doctors office and called Mission Chiropractic and Wellness. The acupuncturist, Margaret, (aka Peggy) is GREAT!! I honestly feel like she has listened to me better than any physician I have been to. She didn't just ask me about my migraines, we talked about every aspect of my health. I feel like she really cares, and strives to make my body work in harmony like it is suppose to. It doesn't hurt at all when she puts the needles in, and she is always happy to answer any questions I have. I am happy to report that since I have been seeing her, I was suppose to have had two migraines, and I haven't had one! I come from a medical background. My mom and dad both are medical technologist, and I have been around it myself for a long time. It doesn't necessarily make since to me why what Peggy does works, but I am telling you it does! I have told my husband that if anything happens to me and I'm not around to tell my daughter myself, that when she starts getting these, because I'm certain she will, save herself some money, time and frustration and just go straight to acupuncture!

Happy to be Migrainefree, MM, Olathe, KS